In the modern times, stress has tiptoed in our lives as an inevitable certainty. In these frantic, competitive, goals accomplishing times most people do not have any time for themselves. It seems that life has been stirred up with ever-accelerating fast forward culture, where we are expected to remarkably adapt ourselves to increasingly technologically driven lifestyles and goal-oriented demands. Unacceptable levels of stress are highly debilitating and could have serious repercussions such as sleep disorders, heart disease; eating disorders and substance abuse. Stress associated with everyday life could be a precursor to cardiovascular disease, a diagnosis that kills more people world-wide than any other disorder. Recent researches support the suggestion that social factors and job-strains play a critical role in the genesis of common chronic diseases, such as heart disease and hypertension.

Work Life Balance

Most people behave differently on being stressed. Some behave in a quite and introverted manner, while others may show obvious symptoms of being stressed by being vocal, outrageous and assertive. A constant alarm state of panic and apprehension is dangerous for our body as the consequent hormones, which are released on being stressed, have a damaging and detrimental effect on our body. This state of accumulated stress can increase the risk of psychosomatic illnesses and weaken the immune system. In the hot pursuit of achieving success, most of us loose the fine harmony and synchronization in maintaining our social relationships and professional commitments. Many of the successful professionals epitomize “married to my work” aphorism. However, their personal and family obligations are neglected and overlooked. Excessive fatigue, tiredness, monotony and boredom are the frequent consequences of this lifestyle.

Snoop Around Your Heart

A lot of research has been done on work place wellness and managing stress at work place. Experts surprisingly believe that we should learn to take life easy and avoid taking it with too much of sincerity, actually. You can skip a few workdays and find time for your self. It is always good to introspect and observe your own thoughts and wishes. Taking time out occasionally might not change world economy, but it sure could improve relations and bring warmth in your family. It is important toisolate your personal life from your professional obligations. It is prudent to make a conscious decision to leave work at office. In our zest to reach out for our ambitions, we unconsciously forget that time has been quietly betraying us. Children would grow up and might become as indifferent to us as we are to them at present. There is no sense in celebrating success alone. A balanced work-relationship lifestyle would reduce stress on self; improve partnerships, parenting, friends along with family relationships and personal health. A healthy and contended soul is more suitable for cooperate competitiveness than somebody who is distraught and exasperated with his job.

Also, one must learn to say no and be able to communicate his beliefs and values. Only when we work with our beliefs, we are able to stand up for them

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