Heart, body, mind, and soul

The totality of our existence is based on the basic form of integration on whose harmonious synchrony our health depends on Our mind, body, soul and heart work in unison to create an interaction which leads to disease free existence. It is not untrue that one with a perfect heart and body but harboring a troubled mind with wicked thoughts can never be called healthy, as an unstable mind can be equally harmful to self and others. More than the interaction Heart, body, mind, and soul, is the influence of each component over the other. It would not be unwise to say that our heart becomes what the mind says and thoughts of mind have a profound impact on the health of the heart.

Mind over heart

Influence of mind over the heart is immense. Much like what we eat, we become it is also true that what we think our heart molds itself accordingly. People who are cheerful and generally positive are less likely to suffer from heart attack. Our thoughts and emotions have the power of influencing the health of our hearts. The sense of humor, positive thinking, and meditation have the ability to reduce inflammation and consequently reduce the risk of heart attack. Stress is an essential part of our modern living and is unavoidable. It is seen that some people use stress as a motivation to move forward, whereas others get caught in the downward spiral despair, failure, and self-harm. Research has shown that those of us who become angry and irritated on being stressful are prone to get cardiovascular ailments than those who don’t. Therefore. It is actually more important to shaping our responses in a positive manner to a challenge.

Laughter is the best medicine

There is humor in every aspect of life, provided one has enough funny bones to appreciate it. Laughing out of troubles is actually equivalence to preventing heart disease. Happy go lucky people are lucky on cardiovascular health as well. It has been proved that being happy for no reason, maintaining a balance between work and home, retaining positivity and establishing strong social connections are strategies of our immune system for preventing heart ailments. Research shows that about 50% of people with heart attack have suffered from recent depression. Feeling depressed and isolated also confers negative influence on healing powers of the body and delays recovery from a heart attack.

Reciprocity of heart, body, mind, and soul

The key to coping stress and being content for a delightful existence is to find equilibrium between the four cardinal pillars of existence: heart, body, mind, and soul. For, one who is neutral in thoughts and believes in spirituality can only enjoy the fruits of good health. All four of these influence each other in both positive and negative manners. Good health rightly is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity.

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