Suddenly, the world has changed upside down. It is like before and after an apocalypse. The watershed. Never before and never again something of this magnitude would ever effect human life. Those of us who would be fortunate to see the after years of this colossal, monumental occurrence would have numerous anecdotal stories to share with the future generations.

Corona virus impact on world

It is assumed that almost 50% of the world population would be effected by Corona virus and it would result in severe infection in about 20% of these infected cases and would have a mortality rate of about 3%. This actually is a conservative estimate though. This correlates well with the enormous infectivity of the virus. Thus we are dealing with a disease that has almost more than a chance to infect us. Another important hypothesis which is almost certainly accepted as of today, is that this infection may impart a future immunity to the survivors. A person who gets Covid-19 disease and survives , most certainly would be protected from future infectivity. What could be the best case scenario for anyone considering the current situation? The best is to let infection not happen and if it does God forbids, let it remain mild infection, non severe and not needing an admission

What can be done for that

Factors that lead common flu to pneumonia should be respected. After all Covid-19 is a flu albeit a treacherous one !. Maintaining adequate hydration, proper rest at home and good nutritious diet are the measures that can be adopted at home. These measures actually also would help in prevention of initial infection as well. So while you are at home, presume as virus is there. Do everything to stay in the mild disease. The measures that would help for this would be meticulous personal and circumferential hygiene, good diet and hydration with adequate rest . Those who are old, diabetic, heart disease patients and immuno- compromised must take greater dose of these precautions. They must be in constant contact with their physicians for the adequate management of the ailments. Also stress management is extremely important and avoiding hostile media is perhaps one option.

With fast changing scenario it would not be possible to seek diagnostic and therapeutic assistance. The best bet would be to keep the disease mild individually and gain presumed immunity subsequently for a long time.

The famous Beatles song “ Get back to where you once belong” is perhaps the apt portraiture of present situation. Perhaps the need of the hour is to return back. No harm in accepting defeat. The only solace, the only comforting zone and the place of most assurance is your own home. Time for introspection and going back to where we once belonged. Science has taught us that lowest energy state is the most stable spatial state. We must reflect in our hearts that when we introvert our soul, we reach that state. We are home.


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