Since ancient times man has always searched for that quick magic potion which could give him infinite energy and vigor to attain his aspirations. Energy drinks have slowly invaded the markets and promise just the same objective. These drinks are especially popular with the athletes, party animals and the younger lots. They are being promoted as non-alcoholic, action-packed, vitaminised energy drink formulated to deal with the physical and mental fatigue. There is dearth of clinical scientific data on the probable detrimental effects of such drinks on the health. It has recently been realized that these seemingly harmless drinks may not be safe for the heart especially for those who are suffering from preexisting heart ailments.

Energy drinks and the heart disease.

 Such drinks promulgate to refill lost vigor and are certainly useful when tasks demanding  thousands of calories need to be performed. These drinks are freely available at local grocery stores and indeed are fast becoming popular. The usual ingredients of these drinks are caffeine, an amino acid taurine and huge amounts of calories in the form of sugars. Taurine is a non essential amino acid found in meat and fish. The caffeine levels found in one tin can of such drinks are equivalent to two cups of coffee and the sugars quantity is roughly equal to five table spoons. However not much is known about the possible side effects of such beverages. In a recent trial published in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy, it was found that such drinks caused an increase in the blood pressure and
heart rates of the study subjects. The results of the trial have incited the researchers to recommend that patients who are suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure would do best to avoid these drinks. The researchers further believed that much of the unwanted side effects of these drinks are due to high amounts of caffeine and taurine present in these drinks.
Sadly there is indeed no instantaneous solution for acquiring swift increase in the stamina. There are other known unwanted side effects of excessive consumption’s of these beverages also. These beverages are different from the sports drinks which provide fluids, energies and electrolytes. Energy drinks may also cause a sudden surge of adrenaline which is not good for the heart and the body. Large amount of sugar found in these drinks may inhibit the absorption of other nutrients and
essential fluids. It may cause some laxative effect also. Such empty calories may in the long run lead to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Large amount of caffeine could lead to sleep  disturbances and restlessness. Thus a doctor would suggest extreme caution in excessive consumption of these drinks. Further they might be more harmful for the customers who consume them the most, the growing up adolescents. A full meal with all the Indian delicacies cooked at home with regular exercise might provide better strength than these quick-fix solutions. The
proverb of slow and steady winning the race is also true for your heart and health.

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