Often referred to as “the king of fruits” mango is one of the most beloved tropical fruits in the world. That being said, mangoes contain natural sugar, and many people wonder whether they’re appropriate for people with diabetes.

Join Dr. Arun Kochar live on May 7th at 10:30 AM and understand if mangoes are a wiser choice in diabetes.

There is new concept with a name presenteeism. The antonym of absenteeism actually. This presenteeism is causing productivity loss in billions to modern corporate world. Presenteeism refers to being present for work despite being unwell. One may not have slept well or emotionally stressed or still not recovered from late last night binge. Yet, they opt to reach office. To be present on record but actually not in the game.

Little we realise that sleep is an important criteria for being healthy. 6 to 8 hours of good sleep is what the doctor orders. Sleep should be spontaneous without any pharmacological assist or addiction induced. Those who take a nap after lunch are blessed with good health.

Stress is greatest productivity killer for the corporate world. More often the reason is the organisational internal environment. The remedy is strengthening self to withstand stress. Those with a funny bone are more adaptable to stress.

Walking at workplace is the easiest substitute for missing the gymnasium. Our body is naturally suited for locomotion. Joints, muscles and blood flow is more physiological when we move. Moving at workplace helps build healthier executives and is also a great stress buster.1People reached0Engagements–Distribution scoreBoost UnavailableLikeCommentShare

Hypertensive disorders complicate between 5% and 10% of all pregnancies making it the most common medical problem encountered during pregnancy.Most guidelines around the world are aligned in defining hypertension in pregnancy as a blood pressure (BP) reading of ≥140/90 mm Hg.High blood pressure has a negative impact on the mother and the fetus, which is why early diagnosis and proper control are mandatory to avoid


An average person waits up to 3 hours before seeking help for symptoms of a heart attack. Many patients die before they reach a hospital. The sooner the person gets to the emergency room, the better the chance of survival. Prompt medical treatment reduces the amount of heart damage. Let’s see what Dr. Arun Kochar has to say about first aid when experiencing a heart attack.

After state of the art treatment for his heart attack, Mr. X 49 years of age was meticulous in his lifestyle management and compliance with his drug schedule.

Mrs. Y , 64 years old, had stroke. Reached hospital on time. Received the best of treatment. Was religiously following post discharge recommendations.

Both had heart attacks again within a year !!

All laboratory tests were normal and blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar were at the target levels as well.

RESIDUAL RISK. This phenomenon is explained by residual risk. This is the risk that remains after current evidence based treatment and control of the conventional risk factors.

What needs to be done.

These high risk individuals need to be identified and additional measures with newer drugs such as oral anticoagulants, triglyceride lowering drugs, lipoprotein (a) lowering drugs, SGLT2 inhibitors and colchicine can be initiated .