July 2019


Green Health

In the midst of a growing concern over climate change, it is imperative that each one of us does his or her own bit to contribute effectively towards the prevention of global warming. Although most of us are quite aware of the many ways in which we can protect our environment, not many of us would be conversant with the enormous impact that our eating habits may have on climate change.

Heart, body, mind, and soul

The totality of our existence is based on the basic form of integration on whose harmonious synchrony our health depends on Our mind, body, soul and heart work in unison to create an interaction which leads to disease free existence. It is not untrue that one with a perfect heart and body but harboring a troubled mind with wicked thoughts can never be called healthy, as an unstable mind can be equally harmful to self and others. More than the interaction Heart, body, mind, and soul, is the influence of each component over the other. It would not be unwise to say that our heart becomes what the mind says and thoughts of mind have a profound impact on the health of the heart.

Killing silently

The heart attack is a frightful expression and is correctly perceived as an extremely ominous condition. Almost always, heart attacks are life-threatening and require immediate attention. But the usual form of heart attack that we know of is not the only presentation of this deadly disease. Pain and abundant symptoms, along with profuse perspiration is not the only presentation of the heart attack. It is also known that heart attacks may occur silently without any symptoms. These silent heart attacks are the unnoticed, appropriate and timely management of these patients is not pursued. This increases the odds of underlying heart disease to intensify and cause irretrievable damage to the heart and body.

There is general uncertainty as to which vegetable oil is good for the heart. As we look through the supermarket shelves in search of the right cooking oil, we are confused about the health claims of each brand. Vegetable oils have long been endorsed as being heart healthy. The reason for this is that these oils are low in artery-clogging saturated fat, and rich in certain beneficial fatty acids.