May 2019


Alternative options: Aortic valve replacement surgery is done for rectification of damaged aortic valves. In this procedure, a different artificial valve replaces patient’s aortic valve. The aortic valve keeps the oxygenated blood flowing away from our heart for the requirement of our body. It acts as one-way swaying door that lets the blood flow in a forward direction and does not let the blood come back into the heart. This valve usually has three flaps and can be inflicted with disease due to a number of causes. The net result of these may make the valve either too narrow or it may let the blood slip back into the heart by becoming leaky. Open heart surgery is typically required to replace the valve if it becomes dysfunctional. Until recently, this procedure could only be done by open-heart surgery.

In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, there is a famous riddle contest between Yudhishthira and a Yaksha. All the Pandavas have been killed by Yaksha on account of their inability to answer his probing questions. The last man standing is Yudhishthira who tries to answer the perplexing queries of the Yaksha tactfully. His reply to one of the Yaksha’s puzzling questions as to what is the greatest wonder and mystery of the world is, that despite death being the ultimate truth and eventuality, we all believe that it would never come to us.

All of us feel culpable, accountable and guilty after devouring a yummy fried snack. Those who are confiscated while eating a triple chocolate fudge cake or that delicious lip-smacking cookie usually makes an ignominious excuse and feel blameworthy. The primary explanation for this disposition is the relentless preaching for decades about detrimental effects of cholesterol by the cardiologists. It is believed that blood cholesterol is directly responsible for heart disease and stroke. It is assumed that those who have high cholesterol levels are at higher risk of getting a heart attack and stroke. However, as was discovered with time, the majority of patients who develop heart attack have normal levels of cholesterol. In addition, many of those who have high cholesterol levels never develop heart disease. Clearly either we are missing a bit or there is something more than the cholesterol in the development of this deadly disease.

Love is not the only reason for sugary hearts. High blood sugars or diabetes could also be the reason for the same. Unlike candy hearts of love diabetes always means catastrophic consequences.

High blood sugar or diabetes is a complex problem and is usually due to the inability of the body to utilize sugar or glucose. As a result, blood sugar levels increase. The utilization of blood sugar for metabolic purposes is mediated by insulin; a hormone produced by the pancreas and diabetes is due to the relative or complete deficiency of insulin.