1. Have a heart for your heart.

The greatest risk factor for heart disease is perhaps the ignorance of the fact that it is a deadly common disorder. Once we realize that heart disease may affect anyone of us, we should become proactive and take preemptive steps to protect our hearts.

2. Eat food slowly

Traditional Indian home cooked food is good. Ask your mom to cook delicious exotic Indian dishes and savor them with pleasure.

3. Look at the bigger picture

Don’t let petty issues bother you. Consciously ignoring and avoiding conflicts is beneficial. Learn to be happy without reason.

4. Take a siesta

There is no harm in taking a short nap after lunch. It boosts your immunity and is good for the vitality of body tissues. It helps in warding off the heart disease as well.

5. Let go

Unpleasant memories, resentments, and antipathies are best forgotten in order to unburden our hearts. We all are uniquely blessed by the Almighty.

6. Know your numbers

The theme for this year’s World Hypertension Day encourages us to know our exact blood pressure levels, serum cholesterol, blood sugar, exercise capacity and relevant statistics vital to optimal heart functioning.

7. Sleep well Sleep like a baby.

At least 6 hours a day.

Sleep early and get up early too. Hear the mornings when the world is awakening to a new day.

8. Enjoy the ambiance

When you go out for a family dinner, enjoy the company of friends rather than the food. Eat less, laugh more. Treasure the moments.

9. Keep smiling

Positivity is infectious.

Keeping a sour face will only augment troubles. Remember, nobody leads a perfect life and we all have a fair share of failures and difficulties.

10. Give more Be benevolent.

Give more of your time, love and appreciations. God looks down from above and refills your empty cauldron.

11. Family times are fun

They are our best remedy for work stress. Spend more time with them. Find time for vacations, movies, and long trips together. Eat dinner together–without the TV.

12. No addiction, please

Shun bad habits. Being alive is the greatest intoxication. Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are bad for the heart.

13. Watch your girth.

Avoid obesity. Eat right and exercise enough to keep your middle in shape. Slim people look younger and have healthy hearts.

14. Be spiritual

Spirituality is the essence of universal existence. Once we recognize His being, many of our qualms and worries disappear. For, He will certainly work out a way.

15. Meet your doctor often.

At least once a year if you are free from disease and regularly if suffering from an ailment. Not all doctors are hateful. A good follow-up is essential for the reinforcement of your doctor’s recommendations.

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